Core studio 3
Landscape Design
Fall 2018




My vision

     Both of elastic and rigid space are existing in the landscape. The crown of trees, the leaves of plants, the flowers…. frame the elastic space. The spaces are changing with the winds, the sun, the creatures. The transformation of space is elastic. On the contrary, the ground and topo exist to be the rigid space.

     The shelter is an extension of the ground. The shelter creates two spaces, one is open, the threads behaves as envelop of the shelter and creates the elastic space in the same time. The shelter frame with the landscape to a rigid space which is a closed, narrow space conpares to the open side.

     The threads will be changing by outside forces, and the orders of the threads offer a rythem to the landscape. The rythem is not new, it is existing in the forest, but it is almost invisible, you may sense it…

     The concrete element has just perfect slope for visitor can lay on and discovery anoth view of the landscape.
It is a place that unravels itself as the user, through various forces, perceives the whole, consequently becoming an active element in the landscape.

     I attempt to create innovative designs that integrate natural and artificial elements into complete, multi-functional and sustainable urban systems that promote quality urban lifestyles in overall harmonic landscapes